Working with TCO

Our objective at the Technology Commercialization office (TCO) is to help you transform your innovative technologies into commercial applications. The technology commercialization process is divided into three stages:

  1. Identifying inventions through invention disclosures
  2. Obtaining patent protection
  3. Licensing of the invention

Whether you are a researcher, industry partner or potential licensee, TCO can help you through the commercialization process. We have examples of innovations reaching the marketplace in medical, public health and biological research.

For researchers, TCO will help you

  • Assess inventions for commercialization potential
  • Seek legal protection over your ideas
  • Identify industry partners for licensing or collaboration

For industry partners and potential licensees, TCO will help you

  • Identify technologies of interest to you
  • Connect with researchers for research collaboration and licensing
  • Discuss and negotiate terms of agreements for licensing technology from the George Washington University
  • Support you in connecting with business partners and investors