Material Transfer Process

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) are required for transfers of research materials and prototypes to or from the George Washington University (GW) and other universities, research institutes, or companies. MTAs provide conditions for using materials, publishing results, protecting intellectual property rights, and restricting distribution. They also prevent the provider from being held liable for any use or misuse of the material. 

The Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) is responsible for licensing the commercial use of GW materials to companies. TCO also manages GW inventions that result from use of materials transferred to GW.

The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) manages a simple process for the transferring of research materials that GW investigators can initiate by submitting a MTA Request Form (DOC). When commercial use or inventions are involved, TCO provides input on MTA negotiations and facilitates transfers to GW licensees for testing, sampling and development.

Please direct any questions you may have regarding the MTA process to [email protected].


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