Submit an Invention

You're invited to discuss your invention with TCO staff

Inventors at the George Washington University (GW) receive many benefits from collaborating with the Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) by submitting an Invention Disclosure. Prior to submitting we encourage you to talk with our office.

GW policy requires that researchers report inventions, software, research tools and other items developed through their research, which they believe may have commercial value. If you study or work at GW, you have a duty to report all inventions that were developed during work hours, while on campus and/or using the university's equipment or other resources. Researchers can include faculty, staff or students who invent or co-invent a new patentable invention. Familiarize yourself with the patenting process, the licensing process and Material Transfer process.

Reporting an invention is simple: 

  1. Gather any and all publications, posters and/or materials about your technology.
  2. Gather information about the inventors, funding sources, physical material received from outside GW, and planned presentations/publications.
  3. Enter the GW Inventor Portal via single sign-on (SSO)* (or contact TCO if you don't have a GW UserID). Alternatively, you may still use the Microsoft Word form instead.
  4. Edit and submit your online invention disclosure form in the GW Inventor Portal.
  5. Once reviewed by TCO, you will be able to sign the disclosure form online and return to monitor associated patent filings and license agreements.

*Your first time entering the portal, after GW SSO clearance, you will create an account by entering your email address. For those that already have a GW invention on file, account setup will be most efficient if you enter your address, not and not Then check your contact info, update as needed, scroll down, and press "Create an Account".

Your invention does not have to be a finished product.

We'd love to hear from you, if you have an exciting research proposal, positive preliminary results or if you aren't sure whether or not you have a patentable invention.

Never underestimate the potential of your research. TCO is available to discuss your ideas and to help protect your intellectual property rights and those of the university.

TCO encourages GW researchers to submit their invention early.

Contact TCO when:

  • You have developed an invention or a copyrightable material
  • You plan to publish or present your discovery
  • Your research has federal funding or is industry-sponsored and may have resulted in intellectual property
  • You want to send research tools or materials to another institution
  • A company has contacted you and wants to learn more about your research
  • You want to start a company based on your technology
  • You are interested in sponsored or collaborative research with companies
  • You are named as an inventor on a patent application filed by another institution
  • You have an intellectual property related question