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TCO Managing Director, Steven Kubisen, elected 2015 National Academy of Inventors Fellow

December 15, 2015

The National Academy of Inventors (NAI) has named TCO Managing Director, Steven Kub

IDEXX Introduces Exclusive New Intestinal Parasite Screening Tests to Protect Pets

October 08, 2015

GW licensee, IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., launches an exlusive new intestinal parasite screening test to protect pets.

GW SMHS Researcher Featured in New National Geographic Series Called BREAKTHROUGH

September 24, 2015

Mohamad Koubeissi, M.D., one of the Technology Commercialization Office's researchers and director of the GW Epilepsy Center and associate professor of neurology, will be featured for his important work in epilepsy research and treatment in a new National Geographic series called BREAKTHROUGH.

GW Chemist Detects Invisible Threats

June 22, 2015

GW Today
A palm-sized chip technology, invented by GW researcher Akos Vertes, can analyze minute traces of contaminants and disease.

GW Researchers’ Plasma Thruster Reaches Space

June 15, 2015

GW Today
GW researchers led by Professor Michael Keidar, successfully launched a micropropulsion system into space at the end of May 2015.

GW Medical Researcher Identifies New Treatment for Shock

May 05, 2015

GW Today
The university has signed a license agreement with La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company to test the drug in a phase III clinical trial.

#GWSEH Researcher Spotlight: Engineering at the Speed of Light

March 09, 2015

GW Today Highlights GW Professor Volker Sorger and his opto-electronic technologies which are helping to create a smarter planet.

For Tech Entrepreneurs, a Boot Camp without Pushups

March 02, 2015

GW Today
GW Entrepreneurs Bootcamp event hosted by GW Office of Technology Transfer & Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.
Legal experts present information on basics, challenges of startups.

Lasers make biological assays easier

January 31, 2015

Article highlighting GW Researcher, Akos Vertes
"Zapping off tiny regions of samples removes the need for more tedious extraction methods. "
AIP Scitation: Physics Today

Research Expenditures, Tech Transfer Income See Growth at GW

January 12, 2015

GW Today
Vice president for research highlights increases in funding, international projects and institutional initiatives at Faculty Senate meeting.

La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company and the George Washington University Announce Exclusive Worldwide License Agreement

December 09, 2014

La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company (Nasdaq: LJPC), a leader in the development of innovative therapies intended to significantly improve outcomes in patients suffering from life-threatening diseases, and GW, today announced that they have entered into an exclusive worldwide license agreement for GW intellectual property rights covering the use of angiotensin II for the therapeutic treatment of patients with hypotension and shock.

Why You Want IP For Your Startup

December 01, 2014

"If you want to build a successful startup, you need intellectual property."

GW Researcher Receives $2 Million NIH New Innovator Award

October 08, 2014

Lijie Grace Zhang is advancing the development of tissue and organ replacements.

Medical Testing on the Go

September 09, 2014

GW researchers have developed a diagnostic device that could make portable health care possible.