GW Commercialization Advising Network

A virtual network for GW TCO affiliated entrepreneurs and inventors

We are excited to announce that the George Washington University (GW) Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) is using a new virtual collaboration and networking tool using Givitas by Give and Take Inc.

GW Commercialization Advising Network (GW CAN) makes it easy and efficient to exchange help, support, advice, resources, connections, and introductions.

When you select either the “Offer Help” or “Seek Help” tabs, you will expand your network and build deeper relationships with people who are knowledgeable and experienced with startups, investing, and entrepreneurship.

By joining this network, you will be able to harness the knowledge and experience of others to be more successful by asking a community of peers and experts what you need. Please join today by clicking on the link below.
Click to Join GW CAN
Please feel free to share this new network with other entrepreneurs, inventors, startups, and investors. The larger this network is the better for everyone.
If you need help joining GW CAN, please email [email protected].