Entrepreneur Bootcamp (by Wilson Sonsini and GW TCO)

February 16, 2023


It was a landmark moment when Wilson Sonsini, the leading provider of legal services for entrepreneurial businesses, technology companies, and venture-backed startups, partnered with George Washington University's Technology Commercialization Office (GW TCO) to conduct the much-anticipated Entrepreneur Bootcamp. 

This one-day event is packed with up-to-date information and expert advice, covering all the critical topics for technology and medical startups to translate their groundbreaking ideas into successful, sustainable businesses.

Apart from the structured sessions, one of the most impressive features of the boot camp was its emphasis on networking. Attendees had the chance to engage with successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, legal experts, and seasoned technologists. These interactions provided participants with a unique opportunity to gain firsthand insights, and valuable advice, and build potential collaborations.

Overall, the Entrepreneur Bootcamp conducted by Wilson Sonsini and GW TCO was not just about business development; it was about shaping the next generation of entrepreneurs who will lead and transform the technology and medical industry.