Advancements in Solid Tumor Therapy: GW Licensee Initiates Phase 1 Clinical Trial

April 25, 2023


Parthenon Therapeutics, a licensee of GW, has recently announced the commencement of dosing for the first patient in their groundbreaking Phase 1 clinical trial. This trial aims to evaluate the efficacy of PRTH-101, a first-in-class therapeutic antibody designed to inhibit DDR1 (Discoidin Domain Receptor 1). The innovative treatment shows promise in targeting immune-excluded solid tumors, which often exhibit low levels of T-cell infiltration and are difficult to treat effectively.

Dr. Rong Li, the Chair of the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine at GW, developed the technology. The antibody specifically targets DDR1, a protein highly expressed in certain types of solid tumors characterized by immune exclusion. By obstructing the activity of DDR1, PRTH-101 endeavors to dismantle the protective barrier shielding tumors from immune attacks, potentially leading to improved patient outcomes.

The primary objectives of Phase 1 clinical trial for PRTH-101 are to evaluate its safety and tolerability. Additionally, researchers will be looking for preliminary evidence of antitumor activity, particularly in heavily pretreated solid tumors with elevated levels of DDR1 expression and immune exclusion. The trial aims to provide valuable insights into the efficacy of PRTH-101 as a potential therapeutic option for patients with limited treatment options.

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