2017 Innovation Competition Technologies and Presenters    

Physical Science

1. Integrated All Optical Fast Fourier Transform (OFFT) On Chip
    Presenters: Volker Sorger and Hani Nejadriah
2. Hybrid Photonic-Plasmonic Interconnect (HyPPI): Tracing Moore’s Law in a CLEAR Way
    Presenters: Tarek El-Ghazawi, Shuai Sun, Vikram Narayana and Volker Sorger
3. Commercialization of Pressure Exchanger Technology
    Presenters: Charles Garris and Jian Zhang
4. High Resolution Multi-Function and Conformal Electronics Device for Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias
     Presenters: Kedar Aras, Erdit Gremi and Igor Efimov
5. Internet of Things Device for a Safer, More Efficient Medical Asset Management System
     Presenters: Connor Roberts and Ekundayo Shittu
6. Nano-Silicon from Zintl Phases for Li-ion Batteries
     Presenters:  Nathan Banek and Michael Wagner
7. Sustainable Synthesis of Graphite from Biomass
    Presenter: Michael Wagner
8. Development of visible-light-responsive graphitic carbon nitride for water purification and anti-microbial applications
    Presenters:  Danmeng Shuai , Qinmin Zheng and Hongchen Shen
9.  Personalizable Social Robot: Interactive Therapeutic Companion for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
     Presenters: Rachael Bevill, Hifza Javed and Chung-Hyuk Park

Life Science

       Presenter: Sabyasachi Sen
      Presenters: Angel Moreno,  Rafael Jaimes III and Matthew Kay
       Presenters: Zhenyu Li, Quan Dong and Mona Zaghloul
13. And-1 Inhibition by DHS for Cancer Treatment
        Presenters: Chi-wei Chen, Yongming Li, Zhiyong Han and Wenge Zhu
14. JAK2 inhibitor to overcome cisplatin resistant ovarian cancer
      Presenters: Wei Zhou, Wei Sun , Wei Zheng and Wenge Zhu
15. Enhancing Immunotherapy Through Selective Inhibition of Histone Deacetylase 6
      Presenters:  Alejandro Villagra, Shen Sida and  Alan Kozikowski
      Presenters:  Jhansi Dyavanapalli , Kara Garrott, Matthew Kay and David Mendelowitz
       Presenters: Aleksandra Klimas and Emilia Entcheva
18. Ultrasound-Activated Microbubbles for Cartilage Tissue Engineering
       Presenters: Mitra Aliabouzar, Lijie Grace Zhang and Kausik Sarkar
19. Ultrasound-Enhanced Drug Delivery for Treatment of Onychomycosis
       Presenters: Alina Kline-Schoder, Zung Le and Vesna Zderic
20. 3D Bioprinting Vasculature with Biomimetic Complexity for Cardiac Patches
       Presenters: Margaret Nowicki, Haitao Cui,  Se-jun Lee , Wei Zhu and Lijie Grace Zhang
21. Engineered Vascularized Bone Constructs via Dual 3D Bioprinting
       Presenters:  Margaret Nowicki, Haitao Cui,  Se-jun Lee, Wei Zhu and Lijie Grace Zhang