TCO Operations Coordinator graduates from GW Law

photo of Amara Conteh, J.D.

Amara Conteh, J.D. starts her career in anti-trust law

August 04, 2020
Amara excelled in her work for six years as the Operations Coordinator for the Technology Commercialization Office (TCO), where she was responsible for the team's legal/business operations, handled government funded invention reporting, managed metric reporting and all of the team's data needs. She now is studying for the bar exam and preparing to embark on her legal career in the field of anti-trust law at a major law firm with a DC office. TCO wishes her luck and thanks her for all she did to support GW inventors and licensees.
Prior to joining the TCO, Amara worked at a wealth management firm as a research associate tracking hedge fund liquidity for institutional investors. She also worked as a legal assistant to the general counsel at a small publishing company where she was significantly involved in the due diligence process for a corporate acquisition. 

Amara holds a B.A. from American University in International Relations with a minor in Mandarin. She graduated with a Juris Doctorate from the George Washington University Law School in May 2020.